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ZOX Brigade

I was wearing a zox brigade helmet the night of September 3, 2016.  I was merging onto I-80 Eastbound in Sparks, NV.  I was getting up to highway speed and looking over my left shoulder to shift lanes when my front wheel hit something in the road.  I lost control of the motorcycle and did a low side fall.

I was wearing an armored jacket and gloves with polycarbonate knuckles along with the helmet.  I remember waking up strapped to the back board and being taken by an ambulance to the ER.  The only complaint of pain I had was to the little finger on my right hand.

Once released from the ER, I was given my riding clothes and helmet back.  The helmet was scratched mostly on the right side of the visor.  The inner foam core was cracked into many pieces.  It did its job.  I had no concussion or any other type of head injury.  I essentially walked out of the ER with a case of road rash.

I just bought a new zox brigade helmet for this riding season.  When they say "dress for the crash'" for me that includes a zox helmet.  you guys have nothing more to prove to me.

John Hahn, Fallon, NV